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Say it with flowers

Where flowers are our inspiration to create lasting
memories. Whatever the occasion, our flowers will
make it special…

Margarete Caldiera

Head Florist

Margarete Caldiera

Starting a very young age Margarete has always been fascinated by the beauty and perfume of flowers. She began her passion by cultivating and decorating family and friends events. She sculpted all kinds of plants and flowers into masterpieces in the small Town of Vitoria, Brazil.

Margarete’s inspiration comes mostly from her strong spiritual connection with nature, where she magically blends with different techniques and experiences from all over the world. From Tropical Brazilian accents to Asian nuances and European Classic styles.

Margarete has a talent which she is able to take the inspiration from her clients vision then translating it with along with her own twist and flavor to every single piece relating to the occasion.


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